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Staying Informed

Lee On Solent Sailing Club - Face Book Page

A great way to stay in touch is to 'Like' our face book page.

Want to Crew/Need a Crew

To help sailers get afloat we've set up an email list
Whether it be for a casual cruise or for racing, by sending an email to this address you'll be in contact with all other sailing members. A reply will also go to all sailing members, so be careful what you write!
Remember, this email address is only to be used for those looking for a crew, or offering themselves as a crew. It really is a great way to get on the water, so join in and have some fun.
Please note, the previous Facebook group Want to Crew/Need a Crew has been discontinued.

Club Calendar

To ensure you never miss any of the great events going on at LOSSC, we have made the club calendar available via Google, so allowing it to be subscribed to. Google uses industry standards and is supported by all major platforms and so should be accesable via any of the following : Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android
The Calendar  URL is :
Basic instructions for subscribing have been provided for your convience below - details for other platforms/devices will be added in due course.

Mac OS X.

To subscribe via iCal on Mac OS X, please follow the following instructions:
  • Launch iCal
  • Select the following menu Option:  File > New Calendar Subscription
  • You will then be presented with a dialogue requesting you to enter the url for the calendar you wish to subscribe to
  • copy paste the URL above and then click ‘Subscribe’
Note - Adding the above to your iCloud account will automatically make it visible on your iOS device also.


The easiest way to get this calendar subscribed to on your iPhone/iPad will be to copy/paste the above URL and email it your self.
View the email via your device and then click the link yoiu pasted above, and then follow the on screen instructions to subscribe and then view the calendar.
NOTE:  If you're having issues subscribing to the above, please research and check the details specific to your device/operating system - if you're still having issue, send an email to the webmaster and we will  see if we can help , however we're not really running a technical help desk here either :-)