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Go Sailing

Go Sailing - take your next steps afloat with our fun learning-together options.
  • Go-Sailing is a programme to encourage all members to take advantage of the numerous opportunities LOSSC are now making available to it’s club members, with a view to helping you all get afloat

  • Get-afloat  - on either your own or a club boat whilst that all important safety net is available. It’s not a course or a training programme, you do not need to enrol - it’s simply opening up the water to those who wish to enjoy getting afloat in the full knowledge that the club has a safety boat on the water. With the growing programme of events now available at the club, checking to see if and when a club event is on is now extremely easy, just review the packed club calendar, and whenever a club racing event is on, then you’ll know the safety rib will be available. Additionally, if you’re appropriately qualified, you may even be able to hire a club boat. Checkout Hiring a club boat in the members area

  • Club-Cruises - We are organising a few short cruises to the Osbourne View and Ice Cream Van at Hill Head or, for the more adventurous members, we’ll be organising cruises to Wootten Creek and Three forts - Checkout the menu on the left for further details.

  • Crewing Opportunities - No boat, or nobody to sail with, why not crew for someone else? Email to connect with all sailing members. 

  • Gybe Club - Saturday morning fun for  10 to 16 year olds

  • FREE – try a sail sessions - open to the public to just ‘try a sail’

Please review the events calendar available in the sidebar of the news section.