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Duties explained

Lee-on-the-Solent Sailing Club is run by its members, for its members, and all sailing members (whether they themselves race or not) are required to contribute to the club racing either by carrying out duties or by paying an 'opt out' fee.

Duties are allocated on a rota basis.  The type of duty allocated to each member will take into account the information supplied by that member on their Sailing Duty Rota Questionnaire.

All duty personnel should arrive at least 1 hour before racing commences, and report to the Duty Sailing Committee Member or the Race Officer.

For members new to sailing, these duties help you to understand how the racing is organised, and are a great learning opportunity.  Experienced members will be more than happy to show a new member the ropes; just turn up a couple of weeks before your allocated duty and ask to shadow someone.

Members will be informed of their duties well in advance.  The duty rota is emailed out to everyone on it, published on the website and on the club notice board in the Signal Station.  Reminders are also sent out by email and text a week prior to your duty.  Members unable to do the duty allocated must arrange an exchange, preferably by emailing The email goes to all members on the duty list and there is usually someone who is willing to swap. Swaps should be notified to the Duty Sailing Committee Member for that day and the Duty Rota Co-ordinator (  Failure to arrange a swap may result in a fine as per the club rules (Rule 19.c).

The Duty Rosta can be viewed from here.


  • Race Officer  -  Organises the racing
  • Assistant Race Officer - Assists the Race Officer
  • Patrol Boat Coxswain - Drives the Patrol Boat and provides cover for club boats on the water.  Should hold the RYA Power Boat Level 2, or higher.
  • Power Boat Crew - Assists the coxswain and should be dressed ready to enter the water if required.

Patrol Boat Coxswain and Patrol Boat Crew must be dressed to go into the water.   Please consider the weather conditions - it can get cold and wet sitting in the rib during the races - wind protection is required.

 There MUST be TWO members for each patrol boat or racing cannot go ahead.


The main functions of the Race Officer and Assistant Race Officer are:

  • Checking the weather forecast, and deciding whether conditions are suitable to start a race or not.
  • Ensuring that adequate patrol boat cover is available.
  • Communication with the patrol boat Check comms are working before they leave the shore.
  • Laying the course in line with the Sailing Committee member's instructions
  • Preparing the race entry sheet.
  • Starting the race.
  • Keeping track of boats on the course, and other club boats on the water.
  • Taking finishing times.


 The main functions of the patrol boat crew are:

  •  Prepare the rib for duty.
  • Prepare the race marks.
  • Launch the rib in time to lay the race marks prior to the start of the race.
  •  Maintain radio contact with the race officer.  It is essential that you maintain a listening watch on the radio at ALL TIMES, as the Race Officer may want you to investigate a capsized craft that you cannot see from your position.
  •  Lay the race marks as per the race officer's instructions.
  •  Provide cover for the duration of the race; monitoring all club boats and providing assistance as required.
  •  Lift the race marks on completion of racing.
  •  Recover the  rib, wash out and stow all equipment and ribs securely.